Our lessons



Level 1

Body conditionning & Dance Fundamentals

No experience? Don't worry, people of all fitness levels are welcome!

We help you focus on dance conditioning to build stability in the core, strength and flexibility in the lower and upper half of the body, so that you can find more ease in movement.

Class begins on the ground and gradually progresses onto standing.

Focus on full body integration, transfer of weight and efficiency in movement.

Level 2

Let's push our limits and go beyond

Each month, learn a new dance routine with a different focus and theme.

This class focuses on dynamic full body movement, involving complex combinations and finishing off with a complete routine.

Add a touch of improvisational movement and the fun is assured!


Kids & Teens

With upbeat music and a new theme every two months, kids can explore their bodies possibilities with a fun warm up, followed by short combinations across the floor.

Improvisation and creative exploration are also on the menu and will complete the lesson finishing off with a routine on the dance floor.


Ballet stretch

Starting ballet around the age of 40-50? Without having to go through the spike technique?

No, it's not an unreachable dream! More and more women are enrolling in decomplexing courses for adult bodies.

A quest for elegance and discipline to challenge the time passing by.

Danza Attitude created this course to meet the expectations of 40 + year olds.


Urban Style

The Urban Style is based on well-paced urban music with a slight cardio connotation, we move well and have fun while learning little routines at each session.